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Many are Still Arriving at the ABBA Shelter


In fact, there were close to 500 in July amongst which were some families with young children and several amputees who have fallen or been pushed by gang members off the train.   

Albergue ABBA, which, in addition to housing, feeding and counseling migrants, is now the  shelter in Mexico where amputees  are being given a space to rest and recover and learn to use their new prostheses, provided by the International Red Cross, until they are well enough to travel.


Most of the migrants have nothing but the cloths on their back.  Many of them have been robbed, beaten or raped.  They are fleeing the corruption, poverty and rampant gang and cartel warfare in their own countries.  Now they are trapped in Mexico.  Most cannot go back because they face the violence they were trying to escape, and they can't go forward into the US.  Ignacio Martinez, the truly humanitarian director of ABBA and our Refugee Relief Project team hope eventually to raise enough money to support a  shelter in San Miguel, where those who have applied for asylum can seek jobs and report every other week to the Immigration Office there,  a requirement for all asylum seekers. This will only happened when we have been able to raise enough money for such an endeavor. 


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Join us in Support of " Immigrant Heritage Month”


The organization, “I Am an Immigrant”, launched a campaign this month which  encourages all Americans "to celebrate the monumental contributions that immigrants have made—and continue to make every day.”

The Refugee Relief Project, under the auspices of Latin American Relief Fund, adds its voice  and encourages this grass-roots effort. We support all people without a country, who seek asylum and encourage compassion and an attitude of welcome.