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Finances, Reporting and Accountability

With generous donations from people like you, the Latin American Relief Fund truly made a difference in the lives of many migrants in 2021.

The Latin American Relief Fund is an all-volunteer run organization. 95% of donations that come in go directly to ABBA House and other organizations working with migrants. In 2021, your donations allowed us to increase the amount of monthly support to ABBA House by 30%. They helped cover payroll, meals, utilities, new tables and chairs, equipment for rehabilitation gym, additional security cameras, and a solar hot water meter. They supported educational programs, and paid transportation expenses for amputees to get to their medical appointments and for refugees to get to their immigration appointments. In addition, we were able to give $3000 to  Caminamos Juntos  to feed, clothe and house Haitian migrants arriving at the immigration office in San Miguel.

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On behalf of them, we couldn’t be more grateful.

The Latin American Relief Fund can now accept donations from Donor Advised Funds on Kindest, our donation platform.

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