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Down in Celaya, halfway through the terrible journey of the refugees, there is a respite center known as ABBA House. It is not huge, except in its effect. Sometimes its limited space is crammed with 300 sleeping people. A gentleman whose leg was torn off by the migrant train works there with kids too exhausted to go on. The pastor who created ABBA House cares for anyone who comes, often under great risk from predators. He accepts all guests.

Author Luis Alberto Urrea

Albergue ABBA is a migrant shelter in Celaya, Mexico run by Pastor Ignacio and his family.

Pastor Ignacio Martínez Ramírez

ABBA means “father” in Hebrew and symbolizes the caring nature of its founder, Pastor Ignacio, who offers migrants a temporary stay in a safe environment. While there, migrants receive meals, medical and psychological assistance, and information and assistance for applying for asylum in Mexico.

ABBA Shelter is the #1 amputation rehabilitation center for refugees in the country.

Abril de los Ángeles Martinez Vega

Ignacio’s daughter, Abril, oversees the health and welfare of ABBA residents. She has implemented educational programs, established protocols for health and safety during COVID, and developed a therapeutic program for people who have acquired disabilities during the migration route. With a degree in clinical psychology from the American Continent University and a huge warm heart, Abril is uniquely qualified to help migrant amputees with the struggles they face, physically and emotionally.

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